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Menz Shed Waimea

Menz Shed is:

A community shed that aims to be a fully equipped workshop where men share their skills, work together on community and personal projects, and share time with other men.

Men need their own space just as women do. A men's shed provides a 'blokes' atmosphere where comradeship and good humour abounds. The oldies teach the younger and the younger teach the oldies. Members develop new friendships and networks, share their life experience with mates and have a lot of fun in a relaxed environment. Mentoring opportunities are there for younger men. Men feel productive, connected and useful.
The shed is a place where:
- older men can catch up
- younger men can learn
- all can learn new skills and hone old ones.

Want to be a member?

Membership entitles you to a fully equipped Men's Shed, where you can work with others, teach or learn new skills or just call in for a chat and a cuppa.

Yearly membership only $40!

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